How to buy in our web site

Welcome to Paloma Ensenat. 

We ship all over the world.
Clicking on the different COLLECTIONS above this page, you will see the photos of our clothes.
You can buy all the items you see, or customize them to your liking by choosing any fabric for each model

When you see the photos, point out the models you like, and send an email to , with the following information:
1.- Your phone number, and delivery address
2.- PHOTO Number. (under each photo), and What you want.
3.- The age and measures of the children: 
        – CHEST CONTOUR: You have to measure below the armpit around the chest contour taking care not to twist or turn the meter (as horizontal as possible)
        – WAIST CONTOUR: at the level of the navel the entire waistline (as horizontal as possible)

We will reply with the exact price and terms (The one shown in the pictures is for guidance, varies with size and fabric)

Payment is made through PAY PAL, or by transfer. The price of postage within the peninsula of Spain is € 8. If the order is for outside Spain, it is €20. For us to process your order, you have to pay the full amount, including postage. By the time we receive your payment, your order is sent to manufacturing. Remember that, if you do it by transfer you have to send the payment receipt to the address to speed up the times.

The indicative prices listed on photos, (varies by fabric and size) may change as you turn to a franchise. The price is set freely by the franchisee, but the prices listed on the web will serve as guidance. Delivery time from when the order is formalized (ie, since the receipt of the payment is sent) is approximately 20 working days. Sometimes, there may be delays in orders for temporary stock faults (we’ll let you know if this happens). Ceremony orders, it is necessary to do them with at least 6 weeks, although 2 months are recommended.

Due to the large number of references that we use in our web store so that you can find the variety you want, we understand that our page can be a bit complicated if it is the first time you buy. If you want us to help you make your purchase, call or send an app whats at +34690688532 and we’ll show you what you need.
Our sizes are rather fair, following the current fashion. In case of doubt, choose a larger one, as the models are specially made for each client, and can not be changed, except for tare or defect. 
We hope you like!!!

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